Teamwork at the
speed of sound

Riff is a lightweight virtual office for
high-velocity teams
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Available for Mac & Windows
“The ease and speed with which we chat is just absolutely amazing.”
— Monika Holod, CEO of Wangie

Break down communication
barriers to move at speed

Talk when you need to

Speak to anyone in one click. Riff frees you up from meetings so you can focus on getting work done.

Stay in the loop

Riff's spatial audio lets you hear conversations happening around you, so you can jump in to contribute - just like at the office.
“It's so simple that you don't notice... it doesn't feel like an extra app, it's as simple as clicking on someone you want to speak to. It’s just there.”
— Max Teichert, Co-founder at Titan Academy

A hub for every project

Meet around a multiplayer canvas to share links, images & files in real time.

Point, drag and drop items to capture your team's attention. Save and grow it over time.

Be together again

When you’re with your team on Riff, conversations happen naturally.

Work like you’re in the same room, no matter where you are.

All you need to keep the work flowing

No video means no pressure.
Instant, HD multiplayer screen sharing.
Let others know you want to chat with pings.
Go to Deep Work when you want to... work.
“Riff feels more human than a video call… it enables those moments of happenstance.”
— Michael Heins, Co-founder at MoreYum
Riff is human

Talking is the ultimate technology. It is how we work; it is intrinsic to us. And to this day, talking is the fastest way to collaborate with others.

Riff is simple

Talking shouldn't require a tool. Which is why we're all about making the tool disappear. Riff is just there, for you to use when you need to speak to your team.

Riff is for everyone

Whether you're an extrovert or an introvert, Riff gives you control over how available you are to others (most of us at Riff are introverts, so we hear you!).

We wrote about why we built Riff, and our mission to help teams work better and smarter together. Read it here ->

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